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Top 10 Best Sellers 2024

Published date: 02 February 2024

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As we journey through 2024, it's time to celebrate the top ten calendars that have become our customers' favourites this year. From sports teams to music icons, our list showcases the diverse interests of our community. Let's take a look at what's been hanging on our walls this year!

10. Floral Memo Calendar

Front Page of the Floral Memo Calendar 2024 Starting our list is the Floral Memo Calendar, a beautiful and practical way to keep track of important dates.

9. Elvis Presley

  The timeless allure of Elvis Presley continues to charm, securing the ninth spot on our list.

8. Rangers FC

Front Cover of Rangers FC Glasgow Calendar 2024 Rangers FC fans have shown their support, making this calendar a top pick for football enthusiasts.

7. Tottenham Hotspur FC

 Tottenham Hotspur FC's dedicated following has ensured a place for their calendar in our top 10.

6. Arsenal FC

  Arsenal FC's calendar is a must-have for its fans, coming in at number six.

5. Manchester City FC

Front Cover of Manchester City FC Calendar 2024, showing Erling Haaland, Jack Greelish, Phil Phoden and Ederson Celebrating the spirit of Manchester City FC, their calendar takes the fifth spot.

4. Harry Styles

Front Cover of Harry Styles Calendar 2024 Harry Styles' calendar, with its stylish charm, has captured the fourth position.

3. Manchester United FC

Front Cover of Manchester United FC Calendar 2024 The ever-popular Manchester United FC calendar lands in the third place.

2. Liverpool FC

Front Cover of Liverpool FC Calendar 2024 After dominating the top spot for five consecutive years, Liverpool FC's calendar is our second most popular this year.

1. Taylor Swift

Front Cover of Taylor Swift Calendar 2024 Surpassing all, Taylor Swift's calendar is the top best-seller of 2024, showcasing her immense popularity.

Our top 10 best-sellers of 2024 reflect the diverse tastes of our customers at Calendar Club UK. From the pitch to the stage, these calendars represent the passions and preferences of our community. Here's to a year filled with the things we love, neatly organised by these wonderful calendars!


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