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Calendar Club Case Study - Red Technology

Published date: 04 April 2023

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Since Calendar Club began trading online in 2003, we have moved between various ecommerce platforms. We want our customers to have the best possible experience when shopping with us online, but with restrictive platforms and lack of functionality, there have been many challenges over the last 25 years. Due to the nature of our seasonal business, we also need a platform that is going to be extremely stable during our peak season when sales and traffic to our website increase significantly. In 2022, we therefore made the decision to replatform our website to tradeit by Red Technology.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, less people were going into our stores and we saw a huge increase in customers shopping online. Due to the rise in online sales, the challenges with our ecommerce platform at the time became more apparent, and we decided it was time to make the move. We decided to go with tradeit because the platform would give us tools and functions that would help us create a better user experience, and because we liked the "feel" of the company. The platform is also well-established and constantly improved and maintained.

Calendar Club's new website

Some of the highlights from the replatforming include:

  • An advanced promotions engine that makes it easier for us to set up different types of bundles, sales, discounts and offers
  • A wishlist function that allows customers to "save" items they love while browsing
  • A sophisticated site search function that gives customers better search results when using the search on our website
  • A built-in call centre that allows us to set up and view customer accounts and process orders on their behalf, making it easier for customers to order over the phone
  • The ability for customers to pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay

Our new website launched in July 2023 and we hope our customers enjoy the new and improved shopping experience. You can read the full case study at Red Technology.



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