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Lunar Living - Interview with Kirsty Gallagher

Published date: 29 September 2023

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In a world where the hurried pace of life often leaves us breathless, Kirsty Gallagher offers a celestial pause, inviting us to realign with the natural rhythms of the universe. Her philosophy of "Lunar Living" is not just about embracing the moon's mystical allure; it's about discovering the cosmic timer that resides within each of us—a timer that grants us the gift of a fresh start every month.

In the summer, we sat down with Kirsty over video call to find out more about the moon cycles and her journey to becoming a three-time Sunday Times bestseller.


A Lunar Journey

As Kirsty describes it, "The moon gives us a 28-day cycle every month. With every single month and every single moon, we get to start over, and we get a new beginning." The moon becomes our constant companion, offering us at least two opportunities each month to reflect on our path, question our direction, and make intentional choices to steer our lives in alignment with our deepest desires.
Kirsty's journey into Lunar Living is a tapestry woven with threads of curiosity, rebellion, and a relentless pursuit of freedom. Growing up, she was the one who constantly questioned "why" and felt drawn to the mystical world through the influence of her great-great-aunt, a woman deeply connected to the spiritual and esoteric realms. Kirsty's early values revolved around freedom, and she wished the same for others.
Kirsty said, “I guess it all comes down from there one of my main values is to feel a sense of freedom in everything I do. And I want the same for everybody else.”
And the desire for freedom would appear at an early age. At just 15, Kirsty left school and started work at a local travel agent, but soon found her heart's calling elsewhere. Her love for travel and her fascination with spirituality began to take centre stage in her life. She explored diverse spiritual practices like crystal healing, regression therapy, Reiki healing, and astrology, all of which would later converge into her unique approach to Lunar Living.
One of the pivotal moments in Kirsty's journey occurred when she lived in India in 2009. Here, she practiced Ashtanga Yoga and observed the profound impact of lunar cycles on people's energy and emotional states. Kirsty reflected on her time in India, “I'm a real people person, I love the energy of people and I started to observe that people's energy was just different on a moon day. And not only that, but people would have similar issues. 
“For the whole year, I lived integrated alongside the moon and moon cycles, and it changed my life. It really did.”
Upon returning home after a year in India, Kirsty faced a dilemma, “I remember about two days after being home just thinking, ‘What am I going to do with myself?’.
However, upon going to the gym, an absent yoga teacher presented an opportunity. Kirsty’s friend asked if she could use the foundations of what she had learned in India and teach the class. She did and it went brilliantly.
“I got really good feedback. She called me later that day and said they loved you. We want to offer you a regular class.
From there, Kirsty’s schedule became busier with scheduled yoga lessons which enabled her to leave the corporate world behind her and work in the industry she loves.


Kirsty Gallagher smiling 


Kirsty's life is a testament to the power of following one's intuition and trusting the journey. Her transition from corporate life to becoming a yoga teacher and later a Lunar Living guide was marked by uncertainty and fear. However, she remained committed to her path, believing that her soul had chosen this journey, and life would provide if she trusted it.
In Kirsty's words, "Life will take care of you." Her family, although initially sceptical of her unconventional choices, became a pillar of support. Her journey also led to the publication of her Sunday Times best-selling book, "Lunar Living," which resonated with countless readers seeking balance and purpose.
Today, Kirsty's journey continues with the release of her latest book, "Sacred Seasons," exploring the lessons nature can impart about detachment, growth, and the cyclical nature of life. Kirsty told us more about the inspiration for her book, "Nature for me has always been where I go for my answers. 
“For so many people, we will cling, grip, and hold and control. When we look at yoga philosophy, it says that in life, we're always trying to detach from aversion. So, trying to attach ourselves and hold on to what we think makes us happy, what we like, what feels good.”
Kirsty continued, “We're trying to avoid what feels uncomfortable, what we don't like. When we look at nature, you never see a tree going like, 'Oh my god, I can't believe there's a lot of better leaves or these leaves are really nice leaves, I really like them, so I don’t want to let them go.'
“Nature just lets them go.”


Kirsty Gallagher 



A Lunar Future

As she looks ahead, Kirsty envisions expanding her reach through podcasts and YouTube channels, driven by a deep desire to help more people discover the transformative power of Lunar Living.
Her journey has been marked by turning points—traveling, self-discovery, and trusting the universe—and she's now on a mission to guide others toward their own moments of awakening.
“I feel like a part of what I came here to do is to help people look at their lives a little differently”, Kirsty said. 
In a world often dominated by the clock, Kirsty Gallagher offers a timeless reminder that within the gentle glow of the moon, we can find the wisdom to realign with our true selves and discover the magic of life's cyclical beauty.

To find out more about Kirsty, you can visit her website here.

You can also find her Lunar Living calendar available now on our website here.








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