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Guide Dogs - Coco's First Visit to Calendar Club HQ

Published date: 10 April 2023

Back to Article Listing Our ninth sponsored Guide Dog, Coco

Here at Calendar Club, we are proud to have sponsored Guide Dogs for ten years and raised the money to put nine pups through training.

Last week, we had a visit from our most recently sponsored pup, Coco, who came into Calendar Club offices in Exeter to give us all a big hello.

Whilst shy at first, Coco warmed to her surroundings and soon had no trouble meeting everyone for a cuddle.

Here are the photos from her first meeting with the Calendar Club Team, alongside notes from her first report. Enjoy!

Coco has been living with her Puppy Raiser, Lucy, for a little while now, and we recently caught up with her to find out how things are going. Lucy was delighted to tell us that Coco has settled in with her ‘beautifully’ and is a sweet and gorgeous little pup who is ‘totally enthusiastic about everything’!

Often, Puppy Raisers can have a few sleepless nights when their pup first arrives, as it can be unsettling for very young pups to be in a new environment. Happily, Lucy told us that Coco has been good with her night-time routine from day one; she takes herself off to bed brilliantly and sleeps right through until 7am each morning, which is great.

One of the first things pups need to master when they move to their new home is toilet training. They are encouraged to respond to the ‘busy’ toileting prompt, which is taught to all guide dog pups and is designed to encourage ‘spending’ in appropriate areas. Coco is getting the hang of this well and is only having a few accidents here and there.

Lucy told us that Coco is a pleasure to train; she’s very smart and has already learnt ‘sit’ and ‘wait’. It is important that pups from a young age learn to travel calmly on all forms of transport, so that later in life they can confidently go anywhere that their owner might need to. Coco has started with car travel, which she wasn’t so keen on at first, and vocalised her disapproval, so Lucy introduced a fake sheepskin rug for her to snuggle up to in her car crate, which she loves, and now goes to sleep in the car straight away

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