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Rosie's Work Experience Week

Published date: 13 August 2023

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Last week, Rosie came in to start her work experience week, learning more about Calendar Club’s departments and working environment. Below are Rosie’s thoughts and experiences throughout the week.

Store Planning
 Monday was a very varied day. Firstly, I got a tour around the building and was showed all the offices, showroom, and warehouse. I was helping the store planner, Kaia, with little jobs around her office and the building; I counted stock and packaged it, did printing, shredding, trimming posters, and some filing. Overall, Monday was a relaxing and gentle start to my week!
 On Tuesday I was in the buying department. I was learning about and using the buying databases and doing data entry for this year’s products.
Later in the day, I was working with Louise and it was really exciting as I was designing a sock! I needed to make it Christmas themed and include fun colours and ideas and a catchy pun/tagline. Here were my design ideas:

I wanted a fun theme with lighter, less heavy colours. My tagline was:
“Merry Christmas! Thanks for pudding up with me”, which I thought was quite clever.



On Wednesday I was with Claire, the Head of Store Retail (and my mum). We were creating planograms for future shop windows this upcoming year using cat and dog calendars.
The process was quite simple; we needed to collect data on each product we wanted in the window and see if we had the appropriate amount of stock. If we didn’t have a certain amount, it couldn’t go in the windows as too many people would want to buy them. We decided what looked best together and how 'blocked' we wanted the final window to be, and after some debates with Claire’s colleagues, we decided on some final designs. You will be able to see these in this year’s windows!


Thursday was a very fun day. I was in Ecom for the day working with the website team. I set up some gift wrap features on the website for some different products and wrote product descriptions. It was really interesting to see all the work that goes into the website and how much is done to keep it running smoothly all year.

After that, I was working with Tom on social media, and I created a post for World Emoji Day for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I used two different platforms to create the covers, captions and organise when it will be posted (Canva and Later). This will go up on July 17th and I think they are really nice.

Lastly, on Friday I was doing till testing, and writing this blog! Till testing was more interesting than I expected as it was cool to see how it worked and all the things you would need to learn to use one. It didn’t take as long as I expected it to either, I got through a couple tills. And finally, I was working with Tom again to write about my week!

Overall, it was a great week and I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a place to do work experience. All the people are so nice and patient and explain the work extremely well. I felt supported, comfortable to ask questions and understand a lot more about the business in general.



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