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Carrier Bag Charges

The single use carrier bag charge (net value) recorded through our EPOS systems in Wales totalled £2,280.25 (£1900.21 ex VAT), generated from the sale of 9,121 units. In line with Welsh government legislation, a donation of £1900.21 will be made to the Welsh charity The Environment Centre, Swansea.

In order to discourage usage of carrier bags for the trading season 2023/24, we will be charging 25p per bag in all our stores within the UK.

Funds raised by carrier bag charges are donated to our chosen charity in accordance with the local government regulations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Charities we are proud to have supported in the past include Guide DogsThe Marine Conservation SocietyThe Woodland Trust and WWF.

We would ask that you only take a bag from us if you need it. All ‘bags for life’ and paper bags have a huge carbon footprint, contributing to climate change. Plastic bags have the added problem of contributing to plastic waste which has a significant negative effect on our environment and on wildlife.

It is difficult to determine which type of bag is truly the most sustainable. However, regardless of whether the bag is plastic, paper or another material, the most sustainable choice is the bag you already have. In every study and for every type of bag, it is clear that reusing bags as many times as possible reduces our impact on the environment. Overall, making the effort to reuse any bag that comes into our possession and disposing of the bag responsibly is key.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to bring your own carrier bag with you when you shop at Calendar Club UK. Many thanks and we hope to see you soon.


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