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How to find and request large print documents - Deafblind UK

Published date: 08 December 2022

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How to find and request large print documents

This page is a guide to large print documents for anyone who is partially sighted, blind or deafblind. The guide explains what large print is, how to request large print documents and your right to accessible information.

This article was contributed by Deafblind UK, a national charity supporting people with sight and hearing loss. They offer a range of practical and emotional support services, including a free helpline, technology support and accessible respite breaks. As part of their work raising awareness of deafblindness, the charity also runs research projects which are improving accessibility for and inclusion of people living with sensory loss.

What are large print documents?

Large print documents use bigger font sizes to help make information more accessible for people with reduced vision.

Font sizes are described in point size. Regular documents are typically printed in 12 point text. Large print documents must use 16 point text or larger. This standard is set by the RNIB.

Common font sizes for large and giant print documents include:

  • Large print 18pt
  • XL print 24pt
  • XXL print 48pt

Large print documents aren’t one size fits all! Although 16 point text is the minimum for a document to be considered large print, many people with reduced vision prefer large, XL or XXL  print. The degree and nature of someone’s vision loss can influence what’s easier for them to read.


Who are large print documents for?

Large print documents are for anyone who prefers to read larger text. You might enjoy large or giant print documents if you have some vision but find it hard to read small, regular sized text.

Some examples of people who may prefer large print documents include:

  • People who are partially sighted and want to continue reading
  • Anyone with reduced vision finding it harder to read traditional 12 point text
  • Children who are struggling to read workbooks at school.


I have vision loss. Are companies and service providers required to provide large print versions of their documents?

Yes. If you need written information in a different format (including large print, XL or XXL print, Braille, etc.) then businesses are required to provide it. Your request is likely to be considered a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act 2010.

Companies that provide written information should make reasonable efforts to provide it in accessible formats upon request. They should also think about the needs of people with disabilities in advance, instead of waiting until someone makes a request, so that they can provide alternative formats as quickly as possible. They should also make the adjustment as quickly as possible.

If a company refuses your request for large print documents, it could be considered discrimination.

If you are struggling to get information provided in large print or another format, contact Deafblind UK. Deafblind UK is a national charity that helps people who are deafblind lead the lives they want. They will be happy to listen to you and give you advice about your situation. They can even contact companies on your behalf and explain their duty to provide accessible information.


Can I get my bills in large print text?

Yes. Companies like your gas, electric and water provider must provide your bills in large print text if you request it.

There are many documents that can be made more accessible this way, including:

  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills
  • Council tax bill
  • Letters from HMRC, the NHS or your doctor’s surgery
  • Legal information from your solicitor.


Where can I get large print books and stationery?

Your local library should have a large print book section to choose titles from.

Lots of eBook readers let you change the text size according to your preference. eBook readers are a great way to keep up with your favourite books, magazines and newspapers.

Looking for the perfect Christmas stocking filler? Our large print calendars from are a great way to stay organised. We love these calendars because the extra-large daily grid spaces and bold print are easy to read and spacious.

Contact Deafblind UK

If you’re struggling with your sight and hearing, or supporting someone who does, Deafblind UK can help you live your life the way you want. They offer support to suit you – whether that’s just someone to chat with and listen to what you’re experiencing, or more involved practical support. Services include:

  • A free helpline for all your questions about sight and hearing loss
  • Advice about your rights, including support getting a deafblind assessment
  • Technology support and remote sessions to guide you through the process of setting up and personalising accessible devices
  • Emotional support such as pairing you with a befriender, free counselling, and social groups.

To find out more, please visit the Deafblind UK website.




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