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Our Staff Wildlife Haven - Phase One

Published date: 06 October 2022

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As part of the environmental work we are doing, Calendar Club are transforming an area of wasteland by our premises into a Wildlife Haven for our staff. Our vision is to have an easily accessible place where diverse wildlife can thrive, and staff can go to relax in a natural and beautiful environment. If you want to see what we planned to do, you can read more here.

Phase One has been completed with a lot of progress made by Calendar Club and our sister companies!


The main pathways have been made in the area to give the all important foundation for the wildlife haven.


Once the main pathways were in place, this meant that the bridge over to the orchard could be constructed. 


The staff certainly had some fun whilst getting the pond dug out! We could then repurpose the soil from the pond to make the hillcocks that are adjacent to the pond and some of the pathways.


We also had a visit from one of the locals to make sure we were keeping busy!


Discover the beginnings and growth of our Wildlife Haven, and see how our vision expanded into Phase Two, further supporting local wildlife and enhancing staff wellbeing.


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