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Our History

Calendar Club specialises in retailing calendars, diaries, planners and gifts during the busy Christmas shopping season. With roughly 1,100 titles and an extended range of over 6,500 products online, we are the largest retailer of dated product in the UK. Our shops and mall units have been a common sight in shopping centres and high streets across the UK and Ireland from the end of September to mid-January since 1998.

Humble Beginnings

In 1998, we opened our doors at 12 temporary locations across the UK. Since then, that number has steadily grown and we now look to trade in over 200 stores every year, both on the high street and in out-of-town shopping centres. The UK Calendar Club operation is also part of a larger group, with branches in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, altogether boasting around 1,000 seasonal shops.

Website Launch

By 2003, just five years after our stores first opened, we launched our e-commerce website - - and began selling our calendars and diaries online. This provided us an opportunity to promote our extensive range all year round. Believe it or not, customers still want to buy calendars in the middle of the year!

200 Stores

2006 was a great year. The Nintendo Wii was released, Gnarls Barkley topped the singles chart with his smash hit 'Crazy', and we opened over 200 UK stores!

Updated Website

In 2010, we moved our website to a new platform for a better customer experience.

A New Home

In 2011, we moved to our current home, the Exe Box, a 12,000m2 storage facility, office complex, and distribution centre on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon. We share this space with our sister companies, Carousel Calendars and Otter House.

Expanding our Product Range

Not content with selling around 4 million calendar, diary and planner units each year, back in 2012 we expanded our range to incorporate a variety of puzzles, jigsaw and games. The ongoing development of our gift lines, which now include mugs, socks, stationery and more, has added a further string to our bow and will continue to enable us to develop the Calendar Club brand as we know today

Our Next Website Move

Whilst the Star Wars universe returned to the big screen and the world debated whether that dress was blue and black or white and gold, in 2015 we changed our website platform.

The Covid Years

When covid hit, we had to readjust the number of stores we opened to prepare for a more quiet and socially distanced high street. We opened over 180 stores and with the rest of the country, we tackled lockdowns, social distancing and a new normal.

At headquarters, visors between desks and a one-way system was implemented to help reduce the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, our jigsaw sales skyrocketed as many of our customers spent their time in lockdown putting the pieces together - literally!

Our Football Mall Unit

In 2022, we opened our first football unit in Milton Keynes. Its success last year has meant we are confident in launching more football units as we celebrate our 25th anniversary 

Our Latest Website Update

After Covid, our online sales soared and we saw that we needed a better website to deal with the demand. So, in 2022, we finalised those plans and moved to our new and current website, Red Technology. Customers can now enjoy adding their favourite products to one place with our 'wishlist' button and pay with Apple or Google Pay.


You can read more about the move here.

Where We Are Now

We celebrate 25 years of Calendar Club in 2023. It's been a wild ride with website changes, new product ranges and even a pandemic, but we're excited to see what the next 25 years have in store!