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Environmental Policy


This document sets out the environmental policy of Zebra MTD Ltd (hereafter referred to as the ‘Group’) and its subsidiary companies, regarding the activities and operations conducted at its premises, its temporary store locations and its outsourced scope 3 activities.

The Group aims to be a carbon neutral company. It recognises that it has a responsibility towards the environment beyond standard legal and regulatory requirements and is committed to reducing its environmental impact by actively pursuing reduction measures across all areas of the business.

Organisational Structure and Supply Chains

This statement covers the activities of Zebra MTD Ltd and its subsidiaries:


  • Calendar Club Ltd
  • Otter House Ltd
  • Vista Stationery & Print Ltd (Carousel Calendars and Jigsaw Design & Print)

The group is based in Exeter, Devon, UK, and has direct operations in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Products are sourced both in the UK and overseas, as appropriate.



To commit to reducing carbon emissions and waste in all our operations.

To measure, set targets, take action, and report on our progress to all concerned parties.

To continually improve our performance, year on year

To encourage other partners, customers, competitors to improve their performance by working with us and sharing ideas to improve the performance of the trade as a whole.

Our Key Carbon Emission Commitments

  • Measure our CO2 impact and report in terms of Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.
  • Reduce our energy usage by 5% per year through to 2024
  • Change energy sources to renewables (Electricity July 21 and Diesel July 22)
  • Report on our reductions and ongoing plans using our environmental management system.
  • Become Carbon Neutral for our scope 1 & 2 emissions by July 21.
  • Become Carbon Neutral for scope 1, 2 & 3 by end 2022.
  • Review our performance against tangible metrics to ensure we are maintaining continuous improvement of our environmental impact.
  • Work with suppliers around the world to reduce our scope 3 emissions and to encourage all suppliers to plan their own carbon reductions timetable with a view to them becoming carbon neutral for their own direct emissions.


    Our Key Plastic Reduction Commitments (by volume)

  • For Otter House products – to achieve 50% plastic free packaging by Dec 2022.
  • For Carousel products - to achieve 50% plastic free packaging by Dec 2022
  • For Calendar Club – to achieve 50% plastic free packaging for all calendars sold by Dec 2022.
  • Continue replacing plastic used within the business with re-useable materials.
  • To remove all single use plastics by Dec 2023.


    Our Key waste Commitments

  • Manage waste generated by our business operations, incorporating Reduce > Reuse > Repair > Recycle > Recover > Dispose, as per the principles of the waste hierarchy.
  • 100% of waste to be processed by registered carriers and waste treatment companies.
  • Reduce printing/copier paper usage by 5% per annum through 2025.
  • Reduce packaging plastic waste by 5% per annum through 2025.
  • 100% recycling of toner cartridges by 2021.
  • All waste from our business to be Zero to Landfill.

    Our General Commitments

  • Comply as a minimum with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • 100% of calendars published by Carousel will be printed on FSC certified paper by 2022.
  • 100% of paper products published by Otter House will be printed on FSC certified paper by 2022.
  • 95% of calendars sold by Calendar Club will be printed on FSC certified paper by 2022.
  • Report our environmental performance to staff, business partners and customers.
  • Work with competitors, partners, and customers to share ideas and improve the overall performance of the industry.
  • To ensure Environmental performance to be reported during group board meetings and that we have board members in our environmental steering team.