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Run your own Calendar Club store

Here at Calendar Club, we work in partnership with our self-employed Store Operators, who run their own store like it's their own business. We provide all you need to set up and trade your seasonal business (late September to mid-January) - the lease, the fixtures, the stock and our tried and tested retail formula, developed over the last 25 years. Be your own boss, with great short-term earning potential and the flexibility to pursue your other interests for the rest of the year.

We are currently recruiting for our 2024/25 season. Click the button below to submit your application.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Be your own Boss

As a self-employed Store Operator, you will act as a manager running your store in the lead up to and over the busy Christmas period.

You don’t need to be an experienced retailer but some retail, management or customer service experience is a good start. Importantly you need the confidence to be in control of your store.

Working in partnership with us means you will always represent the Calendar Club brand, providing exceptional customer experience to everyone who visits your store and in turn ensuring your store meets or exceeds its sales targets.

You will be responsible for the day to day running of your store, ensuring it is well merchandised, open at agreed times, and that our processes and procedures are followed.

As a self-employed Store Operator, it’s your responsibility to recruit, train and pay your staff members.

To be successful you will need to be organised, responsible and hardworking. Retail hours can be long over the Christmas period, but the financial rewards are there for the right person.


2. How does it all work?

Calendar Club provides the store, stock, shop fixtures and fittings, uniform, systems and know how. We offer full training and support, enabling every Operator to set up, trade and close their branded store at the end of the season.

Store Operators must be able to follow stock control processes and administration for their store, whilst adhering to our company procedures. Stock is replenished automatically so no manual ordering is required.

Operators are responsible for providing their own team members, ensuring the store is staffed according to trade patterns and guidelines.

Store Operators are self-employed. We pay our Operators commission on the sales they make – which is paid weekly into their bank account.


3. Who are Calendar Club?

With 25 years on the high street, Calendar Club offers the expertise and resources for Operators to run a successful business. Calendar Club stores trade seven days a week, between late September and mid-January each year during the busiest trading period.

Calendar Club stores offer "The Best Selection of Calendars in the Known Universe", with something for everyone from our extensive selection of calendars, diaries and gifts. With an average price point of under £10, our customers appreciate the great quality and value for money of our products. Our calendars and gifts are ideal Christmas presents and bring enjoyment to people throughout the year.

Our regular customers know and love us. They seek us out on the high street and in shopping centres every year and look forward to seeing our new products and finding their trusted favourites.

We consistently retail from the same shopping centre locations and towns so can realistically indicate a level of turnover you may achieve.


4. What is a Store Operator responsible for?

Our Store Operators are responsible for setting up, trading and closing down their store. Calendar Club provide support for the set up and you will need to bring a team of four with you to help unpack and merchandise stock, clear boxes and assist your provided Calendar Club builder.

Once open, you are responsible for trading your store in accordance with agreed opening hours, whilst ensuring you have the right level of staffing to achieve your operational tasks and serve customers.

At the end of your trading period you will need a team of four to help you with closing down your store.

Daily you will bank your takings and ensure your store is fully stocked, merchandised to plan and clean and tidy. You will receive in deliveries and process these accurately.

You will provide exceptional customer service whilst striving to achieve your budget.


5. What training and support will I get?

Calendar Club provide an E-Learning platform and comprehensive handbooks with all the information you need to run your store. You will also be working with one of Calendar Club’s Territory Managers. They will visit your store regularly offering operational guidance along with training on customer service and selling.

You will receive support from your Territory Manager or Calendar Club builder to help you set up your store, and in your first year they will also provide support with the closing procedures.

Calendar Club also provide a website exclusively for Store Operators which enables you to complete administration, manage stock and view reports and information. We also have a dedicated Store Support team in our head office, who are there to answer any questions you may have.


6. How does Self Employment work?

Being a self-employed Store Operator means you are not employed by Calendar Club. You are responsible for your own and your staffs’ tax and national insurance provision. You need to keep adequate records, particularly of any sales or outgoings. You will then need to complete a tax return at the end of the financial year.

Our self–employed Store Operators sign an agreement with Calendar Club agreeing to follow Calendar Club directions, processes and procedures.

Part of the agreement is a small license fee of £240/ €200. This enables the operator to trade under the Calendar Club name. This fee is not required up front. The fee is deducted from your final commission payment.

The first step is to register as self–employed. Registering is a straight forward task.

Detail and guidance on Self Employment can be found at or for Ireland.


7. How do I earn and get paid?

Store Operators are paid on a commission basis, calculated as a percentage of sales. This means that the more sales you make, the more you will earn.

Commission is paid weekly, in arrears, directly into your bank account. You will receive commission statements for your records.

A small percentage of your weekly commission (typically 2%) is withheld until the final accounts have been reconciled and all stock, fixtures and equipment have been returned at the end of the season.

If you meet with one of our Territory Manager to discuss a store opportunity, they will be able to give you more specific rates and discuss potential earnings with you.


8. How do my staff get paid?

As a self-employed Store Operator, you are responsible for hiring your team and for paying them. Calendar Club will provide guidance on the number of staff you need and how many hours they should work based on the store you are running. Built into your commission is a calculation based on these guidelines.

You can find guidance on employing and paying staff at


9. What happens after I apply?

If you are a new applicant one of our Territory Manager will be in touch with you. They will discuss your preferred location and ask you some questions to find out more about you.

If a suitable store is available, they will organise to meet you in person or via video link to discuss more details. This will include dates the store is likely to open and close, the budget and your earning potential. They can answer your questions and give you more details about working with Calendar Club.

If you are a returning Store Operator, your Territory Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your store location and dates for opening and closing.


10. Our Store Operators Feedback

"An excellent seasonal position for a positive minded retail sales person, with staff management skills. It’s hard work, but rewarding"

"Fun and focused head office with a great level of support. Amazing work life balance due to the way Calendar Club trades each year. Would highly recommend"

"Great company with a great opportunity to work seasonally. I joined last year and have had great support and feedback from the team. Would highly recommend to any retailer looking to get a better work life balance"

"I believe Calendar Club has come a long way in the eleven years I have been an operator. Calendar Club have constantly changed things to make everything easier for the operator to help increase sales"

"Always a pleasure to run the Solihull Mall unit. Calendar Club are professional from start to finish"

"Fantastic support from my Territory Manager, always available. Training was thorough and well executed. Pleasure to work for Calendar Club again"


What our store operators say

Your role as a store operator

The role of the Store Operator is to ensure the day-to-day tasks of operating a store is carried out effectively.


Ready to apply?

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